Every time we drive by a home, we notice something about it. Whether we notice that it has the greenest yard or the most beautiful flowers or is in need of a total makeover, it gets noticed. Having curb appeal, makes people take a second look at your abode. You want it to be welcoming and inviting to your guests. So what do you do to make your home have that “perfect” yard exterior. There are some very simple yet effective and beautiful ways to take your home from “Not to Hot!” in just a little bit of time, money and energy.

Sprucing up your outdoor containers

You can take containers you already own and give them a good cleaning. This alone will improve the look of your plantings. If you really want to give them a new look, spray them with a new coat of paint. You can tape off the plants in them and protect them from the paint. If they are plastic or metal, there are special paints make just for you at the local hardware store. You can give your plantings a whole new lease on life.

Touch up the mulch

Sometimes, just a little new mulch in your flower beds gives a fresh look to your plants. Not to mention that it helps with weed control. That will give you a break from pulling them, and keep your flower beds free from other pests who stay away from mulch. There are so many different kinds of mulch at your local home improvement store. Just take a look and see what catches your eye. You want that same reaction for your guests.

Plant some instant color

Now, you have clean containers and leftover mulch, let’s add a little color to your yard as well. Bright, colorful palettes catch attention in a beautiful yard. So when you are buying your little beauties, look for those who will grow best in the area you need to put them and that will continue to bloom for a little while so that you are getting the most color you can. Some great choices are daisies, impatients, begonias and any other perennial that will add that burst of happy in your flower beds.

Shape unsightly or overgrown trees and shrubs

Cleaning up your trees and shrubs can open up your yard and give it a new look. As well, it cuts down on the amount of loose debris to clean up throughout the year. Allowing more sunlight into your yard can also create a better growing environment for your plants, shrubs, trees and grass. Make sure that you use a professional who will know how to trim your trees and make sure that it is done properly. However, shaping up your shrubs and other bushes can be done by the home owner with ease.

Clean up water features, irrigation issues and faucet leaks

Water issues can plague a home owner in their yard. We want to make sure that they are all in good working order and not leaking. The added water in a yard can cause unforeseen problems down the road. You also want to make sure that they are clean and look fresh and taken care of so that if you have a fountain or water feature, it appears to be a focus element to your appeal.

All of these will help to create a clean, crisp look to your home. You can do them yourself or reach out to local landscapers who will create a custom look for your yard. No matter what, the curb appeal will be better with a little TLC. As well, you will come home and it will put an instant smile on your face that will make you proud for months to come. And if you are ready to list it, give Grand Living Realty a call to get as many visitors as possible to gasp at your perfection!