From time to time, everyone has felt their home is just a little too cluttered and in need of help. We look at what has been dumped by the door or on our ever so open counter or table. It’s the first surface and luckily gets all the presents. But, when you walk in the door, its another reminder that all that stuff has to find a home eventually. So, in an effort to help your entry space, it gets moved to another room to find another temporary home. Only to find that it stays there just a little too permanently for your liking. There are easy ways to over throw your clutter. Let’s look at these 9 steps toward a clutter free life!

Clean out closets and drawers

By cleaning out closets and drawers, you actually make more room for things that need a permanent home and allow you to let go of things that are no longer necessary. You can look at think from the perspective of do you still need it. Or does it bring you happiness and have I used it in the last year. For clothing all of these still apply but there is the matter of joy too!

Does it bring you JOY?

When you are cleaning out your closets, drawers and clothing, it is best to simply hold it and ask if it brings you joy? Do you absolutely love it? If you immediate answer isn’t yes! Then put it in the pile to be given away or donated for someone else to love and enjoy. Our clothes should be treasures that we give as much positive energy to as we do to our home or car or jewelry or other loves. These clothes will serve us well along our journey in life so we need to give them the love they deserve.

Removing clutter and finding it a home

So, as you move along your home, you will find more clutter. Deciding does it need a home or does it need to truly be thrown away or donated. You need to look at the “why” you are keeping it. What purpose does it serve. Your goal should always be less is more. So, once you decide then where will it live. That’s the second step in making certain it is something that belongs in your home long term.

Making your surfaces shine!

This is so that you are removing the most of the clutter from your surfaces. You need open counters and table tops to make them shine. It is always best that everything have a home and not just be on the counter top. So really, thinking through where all your small appliances will life in the kitchen as well as bathroom appliances too.

Removing appliances and electronics

On the topic of finding a home for electronics and small appliances, we need to look at bigger ones too. If you are holding onto appliances and electronics to some day fix them, let them go. Donate them to a repair shop so that they can use the parts for others. Or to a scrap yard if they have no value. Many donation centers will not take broken equipment. However, if it is working it may have some value in a garage sale or to other organizations looking for donations.

Making sure your home has plenty of light

Having lots of light, allows for your home to truly shine. When people come to visit they can see how beautiful your home is and that there is so much light to showcase the home. You should make certain that you don’t have shadowed areas and that your closets have lights. That way you can see as the clutter starts to build again.

Improving landscaping and cleaning the outside of your home

One last thing, is improving the outside of your home so that it is welcoming to you and your guests. You should have landscaping that makes the home’s curb appeal better and ready for visitors. You also want to make sure there is no clutter outside as well. You could get a shed or a storage bin for your outside items so that it is more efficient for your storage.

Keeping a de-cluttered home is healthy and keeps the mind happy. That instant gratification of walking into your home that is tidy and always presentable, creates such a peace. Contact Grand Living Realty for more tips on getting your home ready.