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What is your specialty?  I focus primarily on listing properties. I love marketing and this allows me to do that well.

What is your favorite thing about being a Realtor?  Being able to serve people and accomplish their goals. I make it all about their world.

How did you find/decide to move to Flagler County?  I moved to Flagler County in 2008, from Denver, Colorado. I wanted to be close to St Augustine and Daytona Beach. Palm Coast was the perfect fit.

Where is your dream place to live?  I love the character of Florida, but I want to have a vacation home in the mountains.

What’s your favorite travel destination?  Florida allows for easy travel to the Bahamas and all the southern islands. A nice cabin in the snow is also a favorite. My Favorite place i have been would be Spain. The food is amazing.

Do you have any pets?  I have a pet parrot named Lulu.

What’s your “go-to” drink at Starbucks?   I love coffee, so it would be a Venti vanilla latte, one pump caramel, breve. I add some vanilla powder and then enjoy.

What are your hobbies?   was a licensed pilot and a member of AOPA. Flying will always be a true love of mine and look forward to getting current again. I enjoy boating, jet skiing and photography when I am able and always home in the evening cooking dinner and playing board games with my daughter.

What community groups/organizations are you involved in?  I am involved in  Women’s council of Realtors, Flagler County and a member of the Palm Coast Arts Foundation.  I have also been a member and parent helper in Flagler County 4H and a T-Ball coach.

Any special awards or special achievements you would like to share?  I was rookie of the year when I first started in the business. I graduated from Flagler County Realtors Leadership Academy in 2017, and currently the President of Women’s Council of Realtors here in Flagler County. I look forward to the future leadership opportunities locally and statewide.

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