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When Painting and Photography Collides

When Painting and Photography Collides

When Painting and Photography Collides!  "The camera makes you forget you're there.  It's not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much." Annie Leibovitz..That is soo how I feel about my photographs and my photography..I've always loved photos...

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Oceanfront Christmas Parade 2019

Oceanfront Christmas Parade 2019

Grand Living Realty and the Flagler County Education Foundation invite you to participate in the annual Oceanfront Christmas Parade to be held Saturday, December 7th at 1:00PM. All proceeds from the Parade support scholarships for Flagler County School graduates who...

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“I can truthfully say Eddie Marcal, is the best Realtor we have ever had. He takes care of everything. Nothing is to much trouble for him. He was Great.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Constance C

“It was a difficult transaction and Eddie’s knowledge and experience and patience were tremendously helpful. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family.”

– Ms. Karen D

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Why are you a Realtor?  I Love working with People and hearing  their stories,  Each day it’s something new no two days are the same and because we have new challenges all the time I never stop learning formally and informally, It provides me with chances to do good and help people with their moving it is high on the list of stressful things to do, so when I’m able to ease stress and burden for my clients and to help them get where they want to go, it feels good.

You get to solve mysteries, husband likes newer construction, she’s drawn to vintage homes … What house will we find that they will agree on? It starts as a mystery, but you get to help solve it … and always do! Solving mysteries is one of the more fun things I do.

Provides an Outlet for creativity… brochures, choosing the right photos, listing verbiage, writing a blog … They all sort of scratch the creative itch. You won’t get fired or laid off (unlike the corporate world),  Starting up, building business, surviving downturns … None of that comes easy … On the contrary, it’s really, really hard (at least it was/is for me). But if you can do it, you can make a decent living, and no one can take your job away. I like that. And of course  I do love houses Any agent will admit that liking people and houses is not reason enough to do this job. Liking people and houses is only the tip of the iceberg! but with that said, I do love houses. Old houses and new houses, dated houses and rehabbed houses, big houses and small houses. I do love houses.

What is your specialty?  Helping people move with as little stress as possible, from getting home on market and sold for the most money,  to helping coordinate the  lowest price purchase of their next home locally or anywhere in the country with my extensive network of agents I have worked  with over the years all over this country from New England to California. Whether they are a blue collar worker or a CEO of a top 100 firm, my business is to create an unforgettable experience to my clients that meets their wants and needs. Shack to Mansion I have sold and leased most property types you can imagine, Residential and Commercial over my 14+ years.

How long have you been a Realtor? Over 14 Years in this area.

How did you find/decide to move to Flagler County? My wife and I  had visited my parents home in Palm Coast many times and loved the area for its natural beauty and proximity to the beach. I also loved the fact that we had a small airport nearby (now its much bigger and awesome Flagler Executive Airport). During one of our trips down during our Christmas Vacation we fell in love with our home which we still live in and we decided to get job transfers and relocate down here. We figured why wait to retire to this beautiful place lets enjoy it while were young and raise our family and help build this growing community. We are so happy that we did we now see much of what we had envisioned has come to life and even more growth and opportunity to come.

What’s your favorite travel destination? This one is hard of course I love our area here in Palm Coast and Flagler County, which is of course why we moved here over 14 years ago. But outside this are I would say it’s a toss-up between 3 India,  Japan (specifically Kioto and Tokyo) , and Hawaii (Our favorite island is Kauai).

What are your hobbies? Swimming, Scuba Diving, Flying, Traveling, Camping

What community groups/organizations are you involved in?
• I am a Den Leader, Committee member and Treasurer  for my son’s Cub Scout Pack – Pack 281
• I am on the Board of Directors of the Flagler County Association of Realtors -2018 Secretary, and am the Realtor of the year for 2017
• I am a member of the Flagler Veterans Networking Group
I am a member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
I am a member of ISC2 and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional
I am a member of the Project Management Institute
Former director and President Elect of the Hispanic American Club of Palm Coast

Where is your dream place to live? A home in Flagler County with an airfield where I can fly and teach underprivileged kids who love airplanes and aviation to fly.

Do you have any pets? I have two dogs Gidget (a not so mini schnauzer), and Buddy ( a rescued Jack-Russell Terrier).

What is your favorite book? Shogun and Think And Grow by Napeoleon Hill

What’s your favorite childhood memory? MY first flight (it was a TWA Transatlantic flight LIS-JFK on a  Lockheed L1011, which ignited my already sparks of love for airplanes, I got my first wings on that flight at 8yrs old). This was also my move to America with my parents.

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