At Grand Living Realty, our agents go above and beyond to help our clients buy or sell their properties. But, there are many different myths that exist in the real estate world. Some of these are based in fact but are skewed a bit and need a little explanation. While there are others, that are just down right untrue! Which ones have you been fooled by?

Using a real estate agent will cost you more money and less profit in your sale.

This is most definitely not true! Actually, most agents will be able to get more money for your sale because they can truly gauge the market and account for the extra expenses that may occur so that it is included in the final price. They also have the use of MLS to determine pricing in the neighborhood where you are selling or buying to make the best comparisons.

Over pricing a home will bring more money and offers.

Another myth that is busted here! Over pricing can cause buyers to just bypass a look at your property because it is outside their budget. Staying with competitive pricing is best to attract the most potential offers. Then, you can let the bidding war begin!

When and how you should remodel bathrooms and kitchens.

When you are selling a home, remodeling to increase the value is almost always a consideration. While, it can make a home look new and improved, the cost of the remodeling need to be cost effective. In many cases, as long as the bathrooms and kitchens are functional, new home owners would rather do the upgrades themselves and choose the décor and style themselves. This myth is debunked by actually giving some discounts or options for the buyers so that they would then be in control of the actual choices in the new areas of the home.

All properties on the MLS show up in online listings.

This is a myth for certain. Many listings are on the MLS listing but there are those that your GLR agent will be able to help you find based on listing searches that agents have access to. You will be able to look at stronger comparisons with your GLR agent as you are buying or selling your property.

Zillow says therefore it is….. 

Another popular myth is that the “Zestimate” that Zillow lists is what the property should be listed or sold for in price. However, Zillow lists a starting point or an estimate of where to go with your listing or buying options. Zillow is still just a guide for those who are researching on the internet for their home buying needs. Contacting a GLR agent is always the best way to handle buying or selling properties as they can give you the best experience in your real estate adventure. Contact Grand Living Realty today!


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