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What is your property worth?

Ways to Sell Your House Fast!

Putting your house up for sale can be such a difficult thing to do. You may be moving for work or because you want to upgrade. But, most people have really had to think hard about the thought of selling and moving to a new home. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was then a...

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De-Clutter your Life in 7 Steps

From time to time, everyone has felt their home is just a little too cluttered and in need of help. We look at what has been dumped by the door or on our ever so open counter or table. It’s the first surface and luckily gets all the presents. But, when you walk in the...

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Renting versus Buying? What’s the Right Choice for You!

Everyday people buy a home as their great big investment. It is an investment for sure. But, each month you pay the lender for that investment. If you rent, you are paying your landlord each month, but you are paying for his investment. Which of these is better for...

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Why are you a Realtor?  I am a realtor because it is an interesting and rewarding career that I can be passionate about. It is a field that I have always wanted to work in.

What is your specialty?  Waterfront

What is your favorite thing about being a Realtor?  The fact that I can control both my schedule and outcomes, it goes beyond a traditional 9-5.

How did you find/decide to move to Flagler County?  I moved here because I have family here, and it is a truly beautiful place to live that is not too crowded, but still has all the amenities one could possibly want.

What’s your favorite travel destination? France or Colorado

What are your hobbies?  Cars, going on nature walks, hiking, biking, and spending time with family & friends.

What community groups/organizations are you involved in?  The realtors association, with many more to come.

Do you have any pets? I have one dog and two cats.

What is your favorite book?   All Quiet on the Western Front

What’s your “go-to” drink after a long day/at Starbucks? A glass of wine or a Sprite.

What sports/activities do you play? Swimming, kickboxing, skiing, and motorsports.

What are your hobbies? Cars, going on nature walks, hiking, biking, and spending time with family & friends.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Summers in the south of France.

Share something unique about yourself. I can always stay calm no matter what the situation is.

What community groups/organizations are you involved in? The realtors association, with many more to come.

Any special awards or special achievements you would like to share? I have a bachelor’s in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University.

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