With Valentine’s day right around the corner, much of the world is thinking about what to get their spouse, significant other or children to celebrate their love for each other. Some may even be looking at great options for their pets to celebrate their love. But, no doubt, there is a passion for celebrating our love for each other. Yet, no one thinks about celebrating their love for their home! It is one of our biggest investments and our sanctuary to relax and recharge everyday. I think it’s time that some love was given to our homes! Let’s celebrate what we love about our favorite place.

Curb Appeal

So where do we start??? Well, how about the front door! Curb appeal can have the greatest impact on how a home feels to the owner or perspective buyers. This is the “first impression” that your home shows off. It should make you happy to be home and welcome to enter this serene domain of wood and block. The landscaping and décor should scream “Come on in!” to anyone who graces the walk to the front door. It should speak to the onlooker that this home is loved right from the beginning!

Where Everyone Hangs Out

Now, this space could be different depending on your own family and friends. This could be your living room, or kitchen or even your back porch or deck. There are lots of things to love about gathering together in a central space to share about your day or what is new on the calendar or even just relaxing and sharing a few laughs. This space will be large enough for a few to gather at one time and talk but also should have function. Because above all else, we want our homes to work for us and not against us. So, great ceilings, fun colors, comfortable furniture, softness with a little structure to go along as well as the all important organization. These are the things that make our spaces feel loved because we want to be in them and share our enjoyment of them. That kitchen bar that everyone just pulls a stool up to or the back deck where you watch the sunset and simply unwind. Those are our favorites and the places that bring us undeniable joy in our homes.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

The bedroom is important because it has to be organized but also be the most comforting serene place in our homes. We have to be able to shut down in this space! It is our recharging station. The more cluttered and unkempt it is, the harder it is to feel relaxed and able to unwind. Your bedroom should be the heart of the love of your home. It is the space that should be yours! It may be shared with a spouse or sibling but it is still yours and not a place that everyone gathers. This space is the definition of comfort and should feel and look that way.

Garages and Work spaces

For some, these are just storage but for those who love to have gadgets, tear things apart or build with their own imagination, these spaces are critical. They are some of the most loved spaces in your home. Whether it is a man-cave or a she-shed or a mechanics dream, sometimes this can be a person’s paradise. This room is what you do after you unwind or where you go to relax and it usually makes you happy. That is a sign of great love for your own personal “space” that gives your creativity a home.

All of these different spaces create a heartbeat in your home. This is the center of your lives and is where most of your love for each other happens. So why not give it as much love and celebration as you do for each other. You home is a huge part of your life and deserves flowers and chocolates too!