Only Florida Gallery Chosen To Present
Her Art Welcomes Artist Home For Third Show

PALM COAST, FL- On June 1, 2018, mixed-media painter Kari Powell will return to Flagler County to showcase her newest artwork in a gala reception at Grand Living Realty Design Center, 2298 Colbert Lane, Palm Coast.

This will be Powell’s third appearance with Ocean Art Gallery, which maintains a full gallery operation in partnership with the successful Flagler County realtor and developer. Ocean and Grand Living have conducted four events at the Center since November, including the highly successful “Pairings, A Feast for Eyes & Ears” to benefit sea turtle preservation.

During the art opening reception from 5 – 7 pm, Powell will demonstrate her unique painting style, consisting of acrylic on panel with components of shell, sand, and sea glass, while visiting with guests. She loves sharing with others and enjoys every opportunity to meet art lovers. “My hope is that I am able to bring energy into your space that can make a positive impact on your life.”

Following her 2015 initial visit and introduction to the Florida art market, she returned in December 2016 to be part of the popular Flagler Art & Wine Shuttle activities conceived and operated by the gallery since 2014. Her colorful artwork is an important part of Ocean’s diverse contemporary art collection by superior artists, including the recent art show featuring 13 of Central Florida’s top plein air artists.

Powell began painting at a young age. Inspired by the post impressionistic movement, particularly Van Gogh, her work captures movement and energy in a way that seems to move by itself. Powell’s paintings often depict the ocean and ocean life, a subject connected to her late father and his great love of the ocean and fishing.

A graduate of the Art Institute of San Diego with a Bachelor’s Degree in interior design, Powell worked for seven years in the design industry before starting her own firm, Kari Powell Art + Design Studio. She utilizes her artistic skills by creating custom artwork and murals for her clients and renders drawings for architecture firms.

She still discovers new techniques to improve her art while staying true to her unique, dynamic, style. A technique she enjoys is layering different colors of paint, plus a clear varnish or even other mixed media, such as sea glass, to give her paintings a three-dimensional effect that would be impossible to create otherwise.

Powell captures the colors and entrancing nature of the endless California sunsets, and brings to life the rhythmic nature and power of ocean waves. To further capture the energy of her subjects, Powell chooses dramatic color combinations, which are often highly contrasting, adding to the sense of movement within each piece. She paints by intuition, letting each painting show her where the paints should go, resulting in beautiful, natural pieces. Sometimes, her art is coated with resin or lacquer to create a high-gloss look that tends to give a wet effect, further adding to the immersive nature of her tidal paintings.

In addition to Ocean Art Gallery’s Palm Coast and Ormond Beach locations, Powell’s art is displayed in Bliss 101 (Encinitas, CA), SKD Studios (Newport Beach, CA), Riley Arts Gallery (Manhattan Beach, CA), and Third Dimension, Kamuela, HI).

As always, the art opening is a free event for everyone to enjoy and meet the artist. Light refreshments are served. Grand Living Realty Design Center is directly across the street from the main entrance to Grand Haven community. Free parking is available at the Center and across the street just to the right of the main gate.

Frank Gromling, Owner