As many people are looking for homes in the Flagler county area, schools can be a big concern for real estate buyers and sellers. Schools have been back in session for about a month and keeping your family safe and happy is a large priority. Grand Living Realty keeps school districts in mind when they are looking for housing solutions. They consider families and their goals as their priorities in house hunting! How do Flagler county schools fare against state standards? Let’s take a look!

This year when the Florida Department of Education released School grades, Flagler Schools was rated a “B” district. The 646 points earned on the various grading components placed the District among the top 20 districts in the state. Just one additional point would have placed us in the top 16. Last year, the District was ranked 28th in the state. That shows strong improvement throughout the county and a push for a better education for its citizens.

Says James Tager, Superintendent of Schools, “The fact that our scores rose in all measurables when compared to last year is a testament to the hard work our students, teachers, staff, and administrators. And while we celebrate the achievements, we also know we have room for improvement in many areas. In the coming days and weeks, we will look deeper into these numbers and identify ways we can make this an ‘A’ District once again.”

Looking at the traditional elementary schools in the county, there is one “A” (Old Kings Elementary, which was graded a “C” last year), two “B’s” (Belle Terre Elementary and Rymfire Elementary) and two “C’s” (Bunnell Elementary and Wadsworth Elementary).

Among the secondary schools in Flagler county, Indian Trails Middle School earned an “A” (up from a “B” last year), both Flagler Palm Coast and Matanzas High Schools earned a “B” (FPC was rated a “C” last year), and Buddy Taylor Middle School was rated a “C.”

Of the nine traditional schools, six schools increased the percentage of total points which could be earned. Those include Buddy Taylor Middle School (+3), Matanzas High School (+4), Flagler Palm Coast High School (+6), Old Kings Elementary School (+10), Belle Terre Elementary School (+1), and Indian Trails Middle School (+7).

Keeping in mind that schools play a huge part in where families want to purchase properties, these statistics speak volumes about the hard work happening within this county. It makes Flagler county a bright educational spot for families. Of course, with any housing purchase, school districts are important factors. There are additional details on the State of Florida website.

But even if the quality of the schools in the area where you decide to buy is not terribly important now, it may become so in a few years. And even if children are not on your radar screen, you may still be better off in a school district that takes education seriouslyIt can also impact your resale value in the market.

All it takes is a little common sense and a few moments at the computer screen to dig up all the information you need to evaluate the schools where you’d like to move.  Make sure that you are looking in the areas with the best schools, contact the Grand Living Realty Team!

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