Putting your house up for sale can be such a difficult thing to do. You may be moving for work or because you want to upgrade. But, most people have really had to think hard about the thought of selling and moving to a new home. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was then a fast process?? It would be nice to just have it listed and have a few offers and bam! Its sold and closed. That is the best you can wish for when you sign that listing contract. Here are a few tips on how to move toward that fast sale!

10. Pricing it Right

Pricing your house properly is so very important. Obviously, it has to sell high enough to meet the owner’s needs but it also can’t be over-priced. And under-priced can be a problem as well. Many prospective home buyers are looking for a great deal but they are hesitant of something “too good to be true”. So, talk with an agent at Grand Living Realty to discuss the proper sale price for your home.

9. Half Empty Closets

Many prospective buyers are looking for how spacious a home can be. Having, half empty closets shows how much space there is in them for the new owners. The same goes for the kitchen and bath cabinets as well. The less crowded the storage looks, the better!

8. Light it up!

Your home will show the best when it is full of light so make sure that the most natural light is let in during a showing. As well, make sure that all your light fixtures have light bulbs in them so that there is plenty of light as the buyers are looking. Those light sources create a bright, large illusion of space.

7. Play the Agent Field

Knowing what agent can help you the most, is one of the most important aspects of selling your home. You may have friends that are agents but you really need to make sure that you have someone specialized in your type of sale. Grand Living Realty agents are specialized in the Flagler/Palm Coast area and will discuss the best way to get your home sold!

6. Conceal Critters

Everyone loves pets, right? Well, not everyone and some that love pets will be looking for a “pet free” home to purchase so there aren’t any smells or damages from pets. So, send them to a pet hotel for the day on your open house or day you are showing the home. Just remove them from the home. You also need to make sure that there are no lingering odors or stains that indicate that pets live there. The home should be as if there are no pets living there at all.

5. Don’t over-grade!

Making small improvements will help the sale of your home. But, making big renovations will not end with a return on your investment. Small things like a fresh coat of neutral paint and making sure that flooring is neutral and in good condition will make a huge difference.

4. Take the home out of your home

Making sure that as the buyer walks in, they can imagine their pictures and decorations with your home. So that it is as neutral as it can be, put your personal items and decorations away so that it is clear of knickknacks or clutter.

3. The Kitchen Comes First

The kitchen is the number one thing that prospective buyers look for in a home. They will spend a large part of their life in that kitchen. It is important that it looks like it is well kept. You can purchase one high dollar stainless steel appliance to make it appear that all the appliances are premium. So, clean cabinets and drawers are important as well. If a renovation were to happen, the kitchen is the place to make it happen.

2. Always Be Ready to Show

The home should always be ready to show on a moments notice for a quick sale. These are the buyers who are ready and willing to buy quickly. So making sure that counters sparkle and floors are clean and clear. There should also be no clutter from the daily grind. You need to have your home appear that no one lives there.

1.The First Impression is the Only Impression

Taking the highest pride in your home is the most important to a quick sale. You have to prepare for the sale and sometimes that takes time but it is well worth it in the end. You will be able to show buyers exactly what is awesome about your home! Make sure your entry way is welcoming and landscaping is cheery. You want the home to speak for itself! Contact Grand Living Realty for more information about listing or buying a home.