When Painting and Photography Collides!  “The camera makes you forget you’re there.  It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.” Annie Leibovitz..That is soo how I feel about my photographs and my photography..I’ve always loved photos and what they mean to people…they’re the essence of the moment..Never to be quite the same again.My grandfather gave me my first camera and that was all it took! After retiring from an Advertising Career of 26 years in Flagler County, I have enjoyed photographing a large variety of things ranging from Rolex & Ferrari Racecars, Horseracing, Creative Portraiture, HorseShows,Pelicans, Flamingos, Daytona Landscapes, Daytona Beach Lifeguard Competitions,Surfers, our infamous Bikeweek and just lately, Havana Cuba.My pieces start as my own photographs & then morph into something that most people walk up and inspect and think it was painted…I hope that you enjoy my work and find something that you love!

Alice’s work will be arranged creatively throughout the Grand Living property from Jan 1st to Feb 7th,2020..Many businesses might know Alice through her management and yellow page sales of the Flagler County Directory and Shopping Guide which was sponsored by the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce for over 20+ years..